We were tired of running around the backyard tracking down golf balls. We opted for the EliteCaddy Sports Golf Driving Net. This Net is available on Amazon for $69.95 + $11.49 shipping/handling. We were able to purchase it on Ebay for $69.95 with free shipping & Handling. Please note that when we later checked the price on Ebay, it had dropped down to $59.95. Our Net came with 12 yellow foam practice balls and a 1′ X 2′ range-style practice mat.

The net itself is pretty easy to set-up. The key is to unpack everything and give yourself plenty of room. The two poles are bundled together. When you untangle the two poles make sure that you do not cut the strings. The poles when put together are pretty long. All you need to do is to thread each pole through one of the colored ends (either red or white). You will notice that the two poles then cross each other to form an “x.” After you thread the rods, the key is putting the pin into the end of each pole (jump to 1:48 in the video). The recommendation is to do one color first and then the next color. After you put the pins into each end of the pole, the net is ready to be placed upright. You then fasten the logo with the black plastic screws and you are ready to play. Please note that that net comes with extra stakes that can be driving into the ground for extra supports.

Please enjoy this instructional video on how to set up the EliteCaddy sports golf driving net with a demonstration at the end.