Pop! the Pig by Goliath Games is hands-down a “good buy”. We absolutely love this game because it teaches the following things: (1) colors; (2) numbers; (3) taking turns; and (4) sequential game play. The Pig does not require any assembly. Players take turns rolling the die. If a color comes up, the player selects a hamburger of the same color. The player then turns over the hamburger to see how many times to press the Pig’s head. If the player rolls a “x”, he does not get to select a hamburger. If the player rolls “wild” (every color is on the die), the player gets to select a hamburger of any color. If a player rolls a color and there are no hamburgers left of that color, you have two options, you can either have the player roll again or treat it as if the player rolled a “x”. The winner is declared when the Pig’s belly “pops”. After the belly “pops”, press the Pig’s head another time to deflate and start all over.

Please enjoy this video demonstration.