So Goblin Jor (Age 5) took “Chess” as an after-school activity and he always wants to play more. However, we noticed that he would sometimes struggle with what piece to move. As a solution, we found No-Stress Chess by Winning Moves Games. The game is very much like traditional chess, but is played by drawing cards. The card drawn specifies which piece is to be moved (the card also explains how the piece can be moved for the true beginner). There is also a card that says repeat moving prior piece-type. This takes the “guess-work” out of which piece should be moved. It also alters the strategy some-what because you can gamble that your opponent will not draw the card of a piece. Finally, check-mate is eliminated and the “King” must be captured. This adds an additional layer of excitement. Also, to insure that most of the pieces can be moved at the start of the game, two pawns on each side start in a forward position (as indicated on the chess board).

Manufacturer recommended age: 7 – 12 years