Please enjoy this video of Goblin Job enjoying Legoland, California. Can anyone guess what his #1 favorite thing to do at Legoland is? It should not be too hard if you have watched his videos 🙂

In case you are wondering, here is the top 10.

#10 – Lost King Adventure: There is a long wait for this ride, but the kids love it. Try to aim for all the bulls-eyes.
#9 – Fairy Tale Brook: You’re kids will enjoy the fairy tale characters as they come alive.
#8 – Bionicle Blaster: Round and round you go, try not to get too dizzy.
#7 – Dune Raiders: Who doesn’t love a large slide? Sometimes closed for inclement whether, the kids love racing down.
#6 – Safari Trek: There is typically a long wait for this ride, too, but the kids love it.
#5 – Cargo Ace: Full excitement as your kid pilots an airplane.
#4 – Driving School: After you child graduates from Junior Driving School and is at least 6 years old, he/she will enjoy the larger track. It’s never too early to teach your child about road safety. The controls are very similar to the popular 12V ride-on cars.
#3 – Skipper School: Just sit right back and enjoy a trip around the water. This ride is really fun and the boats are not on a track. Don’t worry, the ride goes very slow and there have been no reports of seasickness.
#2 – Ninjago the Ride: Test your inner Ninja skills in 3D. Let’s see how high you can score as you compete against other riders.
#1 – Carnival Games: Hands down, Goblin Jor loves playing the carnival games at Legoland. Although games of skill, the Legoland games are very reasonably priced for carnival games. Make sure to ask for the best “price.” Give them a shot.