When Spinmaster toys contacted us to play with some HATCHIMALS COLLEGGTIBLE, we jumped at the chance.  Goblin Jor and three of his awesome and amazing friends, Unicorn G., Rainbow, and Glitter have fun as they hatch some HATCHIMALS Season 2 Colleggtibles. Goblin Jor and friends try to find the EGGsclusive rare GOLD HATCHIMAL. #GiftedbyHatchimals #Hatchimals

In HATCHIMALS Colleggtibles Season 2, there are over 100 HATCHIMALS that you can trade and collect. These include some with glittery wings, some that sparkle, and some that are fuzzy and soft! Does Goblin Jor and his friends have fun playing with HATCHIMALS? Please watch and find out 😉 Please also remember that sharing is caring.