Goblin Jor (Age 6) had the honor of playing in the 2018 US KIDS Golf World Championship (19th Annual) in Pinehurst, North Carolina. The US Kids Golf World Championship is the pinnacle event for golfers aged 6-12. There are more than 1,500 golfers representing over 50 countries that complete in the 3-day event.

Since 2005, the event has been hosted on a number of the best golf courses in Pinehurst, North Carolina. The Boys 6 & Under (and Girls 7 & Under, but with different yardages) play at the Midland Country Club, located at 2205 Midland Rd, Pinehurst, NC 28374. This video is intended to be a course preview. We provide an aerial shot of each hole using the SwingXSwing app and play a practice round. We hope that you find the video beneficial if your son or daughter choose to take up the game of golf and compete in the US Kids Golf World Championship. Be prepared for the humidity and rain. We also show Goblin Jor teeing off on the first hole of each of his rounds. Because competitors and caddies were not allowed to use cameras or cell phones, we would like to thank the staff of US Kids Golf and Henry Lin for filming that footage.

Goblin Jor may not be the next Tiger Woods or Jordan Spieth. However, he does enjoy playing golf and hopes to inspire other kids to play golf. Goblin Jor finished 33rd in his age division. Congratulations to Trebor Melendez the 2018 US Kids Golf 6 Year old and under Champion.

Goblin Jor gave each of his competitors a Tee Gift. This year Goblin Jor gave each of the competitors in his pairing Tee Claws.

“Do Your Best and Have Fun” – Goblin Jor

Hole 1: 168 (Par 4)
Hole 2: 69 (Par 3)
Hole 3: 220 (Par 5)
Hole 4: 132 (Par 4)
Hole 5: 135 (Par 4)
Hole 6: 216 (Par 5)
Hole 7: 135 (Par 4)
Hole 8: 81 (Par 3)
Hole 9: 155 (Par 4)

Music Intro (Custom Theme Music): Tigero Rousteinire
Music: Tigero Rousteinire

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