Please enjoy this video of Goblin Jor (Age 6) playing Thistle Dhu. Legend has it that Thistle Dhu was the 1st miniature golf course in America. According to Pinehurst Resort: James Barber, owner of the Barber Steamship Lines of New York, built an 18-hole “Lilliputian” golf course in 1916, on the grounds of his home in Pinehurst, NC. It would be the first miniature golf course in America. The story goes that upon first seeing the home and course, he pronounced, “This’ll Do.” It was translated into Thistle Dhu and the name stuck.

In 2012, the Pinehurst Resort (Pinehurst, North Carolina) opened a new putting course on its famous grounds. They named it “Thistle Dhu.”

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“Do Your Best and Have Fun” – Goblin Jor

Music Intro (Custom Theme Music): Tigero Rousteinire
Music: Music Royalty Free BenSound