Carnival Game Master Prodigy Goblin Jor shares his Top 10 Carnival Game Wins of 2018.

10. Bushel Basket

PRO TIP: Aim for the lip of the basket

9. Pyramid Smash

PRO TIP: Aim for the middle of the three cans. Try to aim for a stack that is close together.

8. Ninja Challenge (Bank a Ball)

PRO TIP: A high arc will help

7. Unball

PRO TIP: Aim for the middle of the bottles

6. Mini Basketball

PRO TIP: You can easily practice this game at home. The basketball is a nerf-type basketball

5. Racing Knights (Roll A Ball)

PRO TIP: The red and blue holes advance the “knight” the most spaces.

4. Balloon Bust

PRO TIP: Always try to pop the shiniest balloons.

3. Giant Basketball

PRO TIP: Best to try for a swish instead of a bank shot.

2. Blockbuster

PRO TIP: Aim for the block on the bottom and throw the bean bag as fast/hard as you can.

1. Cannery

PRO TIP: Use an underhand throw with some backspin.

If these PRO TIPs are not making any sense, we suggest you watch Goblin Jor’s video: