Please enjoy this video of GOBLIN GRIFF playing MATHLAND. MATHLAND is a new educational math game by the creative teams at ARTAX GAMES and DIDACTOONS. MATHLAND is made for the Nintendo Switch and was released on February 24, 2020. We like how play is tailored to the age of the player. As you can see, the game is very intuitive and GOBLIN GRIFF is able to figure it out quite easily.

According to Artax Games:

MathLand is an isometric mathematical action quest for kids in which you play as Ray the pirate, featuring 25 levels with hundreds of different problems involving additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions.

Restore the Natural Order of Things

An evil pirate, Max, has stolen the sacred gems and has cursed the islands filling them with obstacles and traps. Help Ray, our pirate, find the gems and restore the natural order of things. Navigate your ship through the seas to get them, but remember: you will need a spyglass to discover new islands.

Every Island is an Adventure

Have fun with over 25 levels and sort all kinds of obstacles in order to get to the chest that holds the gem. It will be a real adventure—you’ll have to deal with quicksand, bewitched parrots, volcanoes with lava, puzzle games, magic doors, funny carnivorous plants, etc. It will surprise you!

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