The fine folks at EPIC Games have once again tweaked the XP system in Fortnite. It appears that Weekly Challenges are now known as EPIC Quests. Epic Quests are now structured similarly to last season’s XP Xtravaganza Challenges and are tiered. That means that you have to complete one tier before moving onto the next.

Let’s examine, the Week 1 EPIC Quests. Stage 1 of 3: Discover Named Locations. After you complete this “quest”, you will move onto Stage 2 of 3 (Talk to a Character), and then (Collect Bars).

Similarly, Stage 1 of 4: Shotgun eliminations. After you complete this “quest” you will move onto Stage 2 of 4, Assault Rifle Damage, then Stage 3 of 4, Sniper Rifle Elimination from 150m, and Finally Stage 4, Deal Explosive Damage to Structures. You have a week to complete these quests.

For the Legendary Quests, it is recommended that you complete them in Squads. The first Legendary Quest is to complete 5 bounties. In order to start a bounty, you have to talk to one of the new NPCs (such as the Lexa located at Hunter’s Haven). She will issue you a bounty for a current Fortnite player in the game and you have 6:00 minutes to eliminate the bounty. More on collecting bounties later, but the key is to look at the map. The bounty will be in the yellow circle!

Instead of 5 daily quick challenges worth 10K XP, there are now 3 daily challenges worth 10K XP. After you complete the daily challenges, you will still get additional quick challenges, but they are worth 1K XP.