Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 (Zero Point) is in full swing. With the title character being the Mandalorian, it is with great excitement that Epic Games has introduced “bounties” to the game. Bounties came be obtained from the various NPC scattered throughout the board. All you have to do is approach a NPC and “talk” to him/her and you can be assigned a bounty. Chapter 2 Season 5 has also strategically placed “Bounty Boards” on the map. We have found bounty boards in the following four (4) locations:

Make sure to check back often. We will update this as we continue to explore the map and locate additional Bounty Boards.

Here’s a video showing Goblin Griff and Goblin Dad using a Bounty Board. What is really neat is that the “Bounty” appears to survive if you are eliminated in the game. Your team member just needs to reboot your card.