Please enjoy this video of Goblin Griff showing you how to do Melee Damage to Structures. The folks at EPIC games should have said Opponent’s structures because that is what counts. This is Quick Challenge in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 and can be worth either 10K xp or 1K xp. Please note that this is also a Milestone challenge more correctly described as “Melee Damage to Player Structures.” By the way, Melee is just a fancy word for saying “by hand”. So, break out your harvesting tool (i.e., Pick Axe). Please enjoy!

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Pro tip from Goblin Jor, if you want to make sure that it is an Opponent’s structure, when you approach the “build,” you will not be able to edit the build if it is an opponent structure. Give it a try.

Update: December 15, 2020: EPIC games listened and has renamed this challenge Melee Damage to Opponent Structures 🙂