Chapter 2 Season 5 is in full swing. We are already in Week 3. The map is starting to get covered by snow and holiday cheer is definitely in the air. This week’s challenges are not particularly difficult and follow the tiered approached. It’s probably easiest to finish these challenges in Team Rumble.

Tier 1 Epic Challenges

  • Damage players with Assault Rifles or SMGs (0/500)
  • Headshot Damage to players with Pistols or Sniper Rifles (0/200)

One well placed headshot via a Sniper is enough to complete this challenge.

  • Destroy Toilets (0/3)

Our recommendation to complete this tier, is to head to the Flush Factory, which is located southeast of Slurpy Swamp.

Tier 2 Epic Challenges

  • Loot Chests in Craggy Cliffs, Holly Hedges or Retail Row (0/7)

Sometimes, the load rate for chests will increase near Christmas Trees.

  • Eliminations with Rare weapons or greater (0/3)
  • Eliminations while in a Vehicle (0/1)
  • Loot Ammo Boxes in Salty Towers or Colossal Coliseum (0/7)