Please enjoy this video of Goblin Jor demonstrating the Golf Buddy Aim V10. The Golf Buddy Aim V10 is a compact Voice GPS Rangefinder. He starts at the Red Rock Arroyo Golf Course, but then the demonstration moves to the Angel Park Palm Golf Course.

When you turn the Golf Buddy on, it takes about 24-50 seconds to automatically locate the golf course you are playing. It comes pre-loaded with 40,000 course worldwide with free automatic updates available via bluetooth with the Golfbuddy App.

Another feature is the ability to Cast your Golf Buddy Aim V10 to your iOS or Android Phone. This allows you to use your phone to view the statistics. One drawback of this feature is that you must then use your phone to measure shot distances.

You can quickly obtain the distance to the center of the green by a push of a button.

Couple of wishes: Since Goblin Jor likes to demonstrate and invite people to try out new golf items, he wishes that you could measure shot distance from the Golf Buddy Aim V10 while you are casting the display to your mobile phone. Right now, it appears that you have to start the measure from your mobile phone App. Additionally, although the Golf Buddy Aim V10 comes with a nice golf clip, a lanyard would also be nice. Those are just two thoughts. We hope that you found this video useful. If you did, please give it a big thumbs up!

Music Intro (Custom Theme Music): Tigero Rousteinire

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