Don’t call it a comeback, but the XP Coins have reemerged in Week 7 of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5. There are a total of ten (10) XP coins up for grab. XP Coins are a sure-fire way of helping you level of your Battle Bass. The XP Coins are available the entire season! They can be found in Solo, Duo, Trio, Squad, and Team Rumble Matches. Our preferred method is Team Rumble because sometimes you have to build (i.e., box in those purple coins). You can collect these XP coins in any order. Here they are:

EPIC Support-A-Creator Code: Goblin_Griff

G1: The first golden coin of the year is found near the Mandalorian’s Razor Quest and is worth 15K XP.

P1: There are two purple XP coins. As with prior seasons, when you activate a purple coin, it will break up into many smaller purple coins. If you collect all the purple coin fragments, you will be awarded 10,300 XP. Our recommendation is to build a box to collect all the fragments. The first purple XP coin is located near the Weather Station.

P2: The second purple XP coin is located a little southeast of the FN Radio Landmark. Don’t forget to box it up.

B1: Blue XP coins are each worth 6,500 XP. Each of the blue XP coins for this week were found in the water! They still make that all familiar blue-humming sound. The first blue XP coin is located near the waterfall in Coral Castle.

B2: The second blue XP coins is located between Lazy Lake Island and the smaller island.

B3: The final blue XP coin is located south of Dirty Docks.

GR1: Green XP coins are each worth 5,000 xp. The first green XP coins is located near the Flush Factory.

GR2: The second green XP coin is located on the heart-shaped island West of Sweaty Sands. We recommend landing at this location because sometimes, it’s hard to build in water.

GR3: The third green XP coin is located South of Sweaty Sands near the Timber Tent Landmark.

GR4: The fourth green XP coin is located on the eastern perimeter wall of Stealthy Stronghold. We recommend landing at this location. Of course you can always build up stairs to it, too.

That’s it for this week. Until next time, have a great day and always remember to be safe!