Our friends at Epic Games have introduced 10 new XP coins in Fortnite Week 8 of Chapter 2 Season 5. Let’s waste no time and show you where the XP coins are. Keep in mind that the Gold Coin is worth 15K xp, Purple Coins are worth upto 10,300 xp, Blue Coins are worth 6,500 xp, and Green Coins are worth 5,000 xp.

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G1: The Gold XP coin, worth 15K xp is located in Stealthy Stronghold. It is located near the Landmark Copter Crash. You will see parts of a crashed copter.

P1: The first Purple XP coin is located at Steel Farm. Don’t forget to box up so you can collect all the Purple fragments!

P2: The second Purple XP coin is located a little east of Slurpy Swamp. If you remember to box up, you will collect the full XP!

B1: The first Blue XP coin that is worth 6,500 xp is located west of Slurpy Swamp. It’s in the water again and you can’t miss it. You can even hear the familiar humming sound when you are near it.

B2: The second Blue XP coin is southeast of Catty Corner in the Landmark known as Shipwreck Cove. It’s also in the water.

B3: The third Blue XP coin takes you to the waters of Lake Canoe.

GR1: The first Green XP coin, worth 5,000 xp can be found in Risky Reels near the large movie screen. It’s on the steps.

GR2: The second Green XP coin, can be found in Salty Towers in a gated fenced area.

GR3: The third Green XP coin is located near Weeping Woods.

GR4: The fourth and final Green XP coin is located in Hunter’s Haven right below the Predator’s Apartment. You will have to build up to retrieve it.