The Week 9 XP Coins have been released. Let’s get right to how to retrieve them

EPIC Support A Creator Code: Goblin_Griff

G1: Conveniently located in Durr Burger.

P1: Located Northwest of Holly Hedges. Make sure to box up the Purple Coin so you can collect all the fragments!

P2: Located Southwest of Slurpy Swarp. Make sure to box up around the Purple Coin so that you can collect all the fragments!

B1: Located East of the outskirts of Cape Cod. Remember all the Blue XP Coins now appear in water!

B2: Conveniently located in Crashed Cargo which is due West of Sweaty Sands.

B3: Located near a big boulder and in a body of water Southwest of the Zero Point.


GR2: Located near some trees by Pleasant Park

GR3: Located off the road between Retail Row and Catty Corner.

GR4: Located on a Pipe outside a building on the Eastern Side of Sweaty Sands.