Epic Games has released the Week 10 Epic Challenges and most of them are very straightforward and not too overly complicated. There doesn’t seem to be a consensus theme to the challenges. Each Epic Quest is worth 20K xp and will surely help you level up your Battle Pass.

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Once again, we have 2 tiers with 7 total quests. Here they are:

Tier 1

Use Food Consumables (3)

This challenge is pretty straightforward. Anything that you eat is considered a consumable. Our recommendation is to eat the mushrooms in Weeping Woods. These give you some shield and you do not have to take any damage to consume the mushrooms. Mushrooms are also very prevalent in Slurpy Swamp. Another alternative is to head over to the Orchard and pick up some apples and cabbage. You then build up a ramp, jump, sustain some damage and eat three apples or cabbage.

Go for a swim in Lazy Lake 

Who doesn’t enjoy going on a nice swim? For this quest, all you need to do is head over to Lazy Lake and hop into the Lake for a quick swim. There is really much more to this quest. Enjoy the easy 20K xp!

Dance near Pleasant Park

Put on your dance shoes and head over to Pleasant Park. Land anywhere in Pleasant Park and bust out an emote. The quest will be completed and you will earn 20K xp.

Tier 2

  • Eliminations with common weapons (1)

This challenge must be done in Solo, Duo, Trio, and/or Squad Mode. A common weapon is “gray”. After you locate a gray weapon (any weapon will do), eliminate an opponent and the quest will be completed.

  • Deal Melee Damage (300)

This challenge is actually pretty fun and most easily accomplished in Team Rumble. For “melee damage,” you need to use your harvesting tool to hit an opponent. Each “hit” will be worth 20 hp and you need a total of 300 hp damage to complete the quest. Note: Melee damage against a NPC such as an IO Guard DOES NOT count.

  • Upgrade weapons (3)

Everyone complained that upgraders were removed in Season 5. Instead, you need to approach NPCs and pay them gold to upgrade your weapons. So, now is a good time to use your gold stash. Fortunately, NPCs were added into Team Rumble and this quest is not really not that hard. Our place of choice is Misty Meadows. There you will find Kondor roaming the city square. Pay for the upgrade of three weapons and the quest will be completed.

  • Eliminate IO guards (5)

The last EPIC quest has you eliminating 5 IO Guards. Play this in Solo, Duo, Trio, and/or Squad. Head over to your favorite IO Guard spawn area to complete this challenge. IO Guards spawn in groups of three, so you will need to take on at least two IO Guard Squads.

That’s it for the week. Until next time, please have a great day and always remember to be safe!