Love is in the air and Epic Games has released the Week 11 Epic Quests. Focused around ‘love’, there are seven (7) quests that are each worth 20K xp. This time around, we have three tiers. Please keep in mind that you have the whole season to complete the quests. Chapter 2 Season 5 is scheduled to end March 15, 2021.

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Tier 1

  • Catch Different Kinds of Fish to Find a Hearts Wild Date for Fishstick

This quest is really straightforward. Head over to your favorite fishing hole. Catch three (3) different kinds of fish and the quest will be completed. Note: right now, Team Rumble is in a LTM and you cannot get any fishing rods, so if you try completing this quest, you will need to play solo, duo, trio, or squad modes.

  • Serve Fishstick and His Date a Fancy Dinner at Any Restaurant

Nothing is nicer than a fancy dinner. Head over to Durr Burger Restaurant, Sticks, Pizza Pit or Butter Barn. You will see a nice fancy dinner set-up. Interact and the quest will be completed.

  • Find a Rose at Steel Farm or The Orchard

Romance is still in the air and the next quest requires the player to find a Rose at Steel Farm or the Orchard. Our place of choice is The Orchard. You will find a rose laying just outside the door on the northside of the house.

Tier 2

  • Collect Chocolate Boxes from Pleasant Park, Holly Hedges or Retail Row

You need to collect a total of 3 chocolate boxes from Pleasant Park, Holly Hedges or Retail Row. Each named location has 2 heart-shaped chocolate boxes, so you will need to visit at least two named locations. Watch Goblin Griff visit Pleasant Park and Retail Row to show you some of the locations.

  • Help Lovely Celebrate Hearts Wild

This quest is pretty cool. The map doesn’t tell you where to go, but is really easy to complete. Jump into a solo, duo, trio, or squad match and head to ANY NPC. You will then hand the NPC a “card” and the quest will be marked completed.

Tier 3

  • Collect Grimble’s Love Potion from Fort Crumpet, Coral Cove or Stealthy Stronghold

To quickly complete this challenge, Goblin Griff heading over to Coral Cove. The island with the banana trees is the exact place he went. Go to the West side of the Coral Structure and there you will find the Love Potion.

  • Deliver the Love Potion to Slurpy Swamp or Shanty Town

Goblin Griff chose to head to Shanty Town to complete this quest. Enter through the open doors and you will see a big brown Teddy Bear. Interact and the quest will be completed.