Epic Games has released the Week 12 Epic Challenges for Chapter 2 Season 5. There doesn’t appear to be a consensus theme but they are rather fun to complete and are a great way to level up your Battle Pass. As with all Epic Challenges, you have the entire season to complete them. The challenges are broken down into two-tiers. In order to unlock the next challenge in a tier, you have to complete the prior one/s.

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Tier 1

  • Deal damage within 15 seconds of gliding (0/200)

The easiest way to complete this quest is to jump into a game of Team Rumble. Loot up (i.e., get some guns), re-spawn near opponents and start blasting away. You will deal 200 damage in no time and be rewarded with 20K xp.

  • Visit Scenic Spot, Gorgeous Gorge, and Mount Kay

Fortnite really has some pretty spots around the island. This quest takes you to three of them. Specifically, Scenic Spot, Gorgeous Gorge, and Mount Kay.

Scenic Spot is located Northwest of the Colosseum. There is a telescope on top of the hill. Take a moment to enjoy the view. Mount Kay is near the Weather Station and south of Catty Corner. It’s the highest point on the island. Visit it and stake your claim. Finally Gorgeous Gorge is located between Hunter’s Haven and Lazy Lake. It’s the area right above the waterfall.

  • Destroy inflatable tubemen llamas at gas stations (0/3)

You may have noticed giant inflatable llamas at the gas stations. This quest has you destroy three of them. Gas stations are conveniently throughout the map at named locations like Lazy Lake, Salty Towers, and Sweaty Sounds. You will also find them on the roads before named locations and landmarks. You just need to destroy three inflatable llamas to mark this quest as complete.

  • Find a family portrait from a shipwreck (0/1)

Special thanks to Goblin Jor for helping out with this quest. Head over to the landmark Shipwreck Cove. Shipwreck Cove is located southeast of Retail Row. Conveniently among the wreckage you will find some large portrait paintings. Interact with any one of the three and claim your 20K xp.

  • Throw a fish back in to the water (0/1)

Head over to you favorite fishing spot. Catch a fish and throw it back into the water to complete this quest and collect your 20K xp. Note: right now, Fortnite is running Team Rumble as a Solid Gold event. Accordingly, you cannot get a fishing rod/harpoon gun in Team Rumble mode at the moment. So you’ll have to do this in Solo, Duo, Trio, or Squad mode. That or you can just wait toward the end of the season.

Tier 2

  • Hit different opponents with a harpoon gun (0/3)

As noted above, Team Rumble is currently a solid gold event, so you will need to complete this quest in Solo, Duo, Trio, or Squad Mode. The hardest part of this case is locating a harpoon gun. Harpoon guns are most commonly found in fishing barrels. The second hardest part of this quest is locating an opponent. Please note that you can complete this quest over multiple games.

  • Catch different weapon types from fishing spots (0/3)

Head over to your favorite fishing spots and start fishing. You never really know what you will catch. It may be a fish or a weapon. For this quest, you need to collect three different types of weapons. Easy enough.

Until next time, please have a great day and please always remember to be safe!