The people at EPIC have released the Week 2 Epic Challenges for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6. Surprisingly to most Fortnite enthusiasts, the challenges have once again been released on a Tuesday. Each Epic challenge is worth 24K xp. The challenges are sort of “tiered” again. Enjoy!

Epic Support A Creator Code: Goblin_Griff

  • Deal explosive damage to opponentsĀ 

This Quest is easiest to complete in Team Rumble. Load up on fireflies, grenades, and open up crates and hope for an RPG. You need to deal 1,000 hp damage to complete the quest. Note, you can also use the rocket launcher on motorboats.

  • Craft a Mechanical Bow, Mechanical Explosive Bow, and a Mechanical Shockwave Bow

For this challenge, you will need 2 mechanical bows, 8 mechanical parts, 6 grenades, and 2 shockwaves. This quest is most easily completed in Team Rumble. Gather your materials and then find a quiet location to start “crafting.”

  • Deal damage with Mechanical weapons

This is a pretty straightforward quest. Head into a game of Team Rumble and start dealing damage with a “mechanical” weapon.” After you deal 300 hit points of damage, the quest will be completed. You can check your inventory to determine if your weapon is mechanical or primal.

  • Tame a boar

There are three (3) boars readily found in a pen near Colossal Crops. Make sure you are in Solo, Duo, Trio, or Squad Mode. There are two (2) ways to get close enough to a boar without the boar getting mad at you. The first method is to create a Hunter’s cloak. a Hunter’s cloak requires two (2) pieces bone and one (1) piece of meat. After you craft the Hunter’s cloak, you can enable it and get close to the boar. When you get close to the boar, you can “tame” it.

  • Ride Different Ziplines (5)

We like heading over to the ziplines that connect Steamy Stacks and Retail Row.

  • Obtain Literature Samples from Pleasant Park, Lazy Lake, or Retail Row

We found two literature samples in Pleasant Park and two literature samples in Lazy Lake. This Quest can be completed in Team Rumble.

  • Get a headshot with a bow

Hop into a game of Team Rumble. Players tend to go afk a lot in Team Rumble. Headshot one of these afk players and the quest will be completed.