Epic Games has released the Week 7 Epic Challenges for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 and the Challenges are all easy and pretty straightforward.

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  • Makeshift weapon elimination (1)

Easy enough. This challenge is easily handled it Team Rumble.

  • Primal weapon elimination (1)

Easier enough. Primal weapons seem to be in abundance. This challenge is easily handled it Team Rumble.

  • Mechanical weapon elimination (1)

Jump into a game of Team Rumble. Look for a mechanical bow. Upgrade it with some mechanical parts. Eliminate an opponent. That’s how you finish this challenge.

  • Mark weapons of different rarity (7)

Mark seven (7) weapons of different rarity to complete this challenge.

  • Collect meat or peppers (5)

Head to your favorite area where wildlife spawns and/or open up fruit/vegetables boxes. Our favorite area is east of Misty Meadows.

  • Consume Foraged items (3)

Any three (3) foraged items will do. Easy enough.

  • Hunt Raptors (2)

Head over to our favorite area east of Misty Meadows.

That’s all for this week.