The fine folks at Epic Games have launched Chapter 2 Season 8 of Fortnite and there are two very noticeable changes. The first is “quest sharing” With quest sharing, you can party up with friends to auto-share Quest progress and rewards while playing together. This is very similar to the party-assist feature. Very handy and a quick way to level up your Battle Pass.

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Fortnite has also revamped the punchcard system. We all know that punchcards are great ways to earn xp and level up your Battle Pass. This season, you earn XP the first time you complete individual Quests from each Questline. Basically, each NPC will give you 5 quests that you must complete in sequential order (i.e., the Questline). You start the game with two of the Questlines “unlocked.” To unlock the other Questlines, you need to talk to the NPC and request a Quest.

Do not worry about trying to locate the NPCs, because there is a new “Pin Location to Map” feature which you can use to quickly locate the NPCs to obtain the Questlines.