Please enjoy this video as Goblin Jor returns to Legoland, California to play some awesome CARNIVAL GAMES. This video is very special to him because his brother Goblin Griff and mother Goblin Mom get in on the fun. Let’s see what they can win!

Here is a PRO CARNIVAL GAME tip, always ask what the “best” game offer is. Most of the time, the best offer is not listed on the board. More play for your buck, means more chances of winning a HUGE Jumbo Carnival Game prize. Today’s special appeared to be 8 plays for $20.00.

Goblin Jor plays the following CARNIVAL GAMES:

Goblin Jor’s First Ever Legoland carnival games video:

Prior Legoland carnival games video:

  • Music Intro (Custom Theme Music): Tigero Rousteinire
  • Music: Tigero Rousteinire