One of the coolest things introduced by EPIC GAMES in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 has to be the new POI Reality Falls. Inside Reality Falls, you will come upon Reality Pods, which when broken will release Reality Seeds. Now it turns out that you can plant these Reality Seeds, tend to them (i.e., remove weeds) and the Seeds will grow into Reality Saplings and produce fruit. The Fruit will continue to yield awesome weapons, rare, epic, legendary, and eventually mythic. We have learned that you can harvest a different mythic weapon depending upon where you plant your Reality Sapling. As the diagram below indicates, you can obtain a Mythic DMR, Mythic Hammer AR. Mythic 2 Shot Shotgun, and a Mything Singer SMG depending upon where you plant your Reality Seed/Saplings.

Please keep in mind that you can easily replant or transplant your Reality Sapling into a different biome. All you need to do is obtain a new reality seed and plant it in the biome you wish. Please also keep in mind that you are allowed only one (1) Reality Sapling at a time.

I prepared this video to further elaborate. Please enjoy.